Anti-Bullying Activity

We All Want To Be Included

Grade: 4th or 5th
Materials: Letter from a Student (handout)

Procedure: To empower minds to learn about bullying and its hurtful consequences. In this activity students reflect on bullying within their community. Teachers hold a discussion about bullying reflecting on the given scenario. It is important to review the vocabulary and topic in the article. This activity is geared in helping students reach a better understanding of the effects of bullying. Use the negative attributes for a class wide positive reinforcement system. Choose a new attribute and reinforcement each month based on the needs of the students or to coordinate with the themes in the curriculum.

Anti-Bullying Activity: Read the “Letter from a Student” (attached below) to the class and discuss using the questions provided. The teacher may do this exercise in small groups and then have the class discussion. Review and define the meaning of the words bullying, considerate, and empathy. Explain to students that trying to understand how others feel (empathy) prevents us from bullying others and helps them make friends instead of foes.

Objective: Explain to students that we can learn to accept differences and treat everyone in a friendly way and make them feel accepted and included in activities at school.


A Letter from a Student:

Dear Friends,

I am having a really bad problem and I don’t know what to do. It all started when Luis and Sandy had a huge fight on Monday. Luis told me how mad he was at Sandy and I said I thought Sandy was stuck-up. Luis said he agreed.

On Tuesday, all of my friends totally ignored me in class, even Luis, though our desks are next to each other. At lunch I asked Luis if we were playing soccer at recess but he said the group had made other plans. I was really hurt! Then Sandy came over and told me she knew I had talked about her behind her back. She warned me that I would pay for that. When the bell rang, Luis and the group got up and went with Sandy leaving me alone.

Now no one in our group is talking to me, except for Valerie. She called me on the phone, and said that Sandy and Luis told everyone in our group to stay away from me. I feel awful.

Sad and lonely,


Discussion Questions:

What lead Erica to end up in this situation?
How do you think Erica feels?
What can be done now?
Have you ever said or done something you shouldn’t in order to sound cool or to try to be friends with someone?
What causes bullying, prejudices, or discrimination?
Where do you see them happening in the world?
How can we prevent bullying?
How to build an anti-bullying classroom environment?

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